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Johnny StoneHorse


Mensajes : 156
Fecha de inscripción : 06/05/2009

MensajeTema: Poniente/Westeros   Mar Jun 09, 2009 6:25 pm

Os pongo un hilo en inglés donde se habla del tamaño del continente:

October 8th, 2004, 11:04 AM
Ever wonder how big Westeros is? Sure you have! So, if you’ve read one or more of the books (and you have, else what are you doing on this forum?) tell me: how big is it?

The books have maps in the front, but they don’t have a scale on them. But there is a feature on the map of the North that can be used as a makeshift scale: the Wall. It’s a nice straight line that the text tells us (in a number of places) is three hundred miles long. So we can use the Wall as a sort of unit of measurement.

Using this method, we find that the distance from the Wall to Dorne is a bit over 3,000 miles, while the distance west to east from Casterly Rock to King’s Landing is about 900 – 1,000 miles. Sounds reasonable, right?

It would be…except it contradicts other parts of the text. Specifically, Jon Snow says early in ‘A Storm of Swords’ (pg 96 of the Bantam paperback) that the distance from where he is (north of the Wall) to the red mountains of Dorne is ten thousand leagues. That’s 30,000 miles, not three thousand. Later (pg 199), Robb says that the distance from Casterly Rock to King’s Landing is a thousand leagues, not miles. What gives?

For one thing, the length of the Wall may not be 300 miles. On pg 640 (in SoS), Sam notes that Castle Black is the only way through the Wall for a hundred leagues. That can’t be right if Castle Black is in the middle of a Wall that is ‘only’ 300 miles (=100 leagues) long unless Castle Black is at one end, which we know it isn’t; it’s in the middle. Perhaps then the Wall is 300 leagues long?

[GRR Martin was asked, btw, about the length of a league in Westeros, and he confirmed that one league = three miles. So this is not a terminology issue.]

If the Wall is 300 leagues long, then it is consistent with the distances given by Robb and Sam mentioned above (and other references, such as pg 806 of ‘A Clash of Kings’, where it is said that Winterfell is hundreds of leagues inland). This makes Westeros about 3,000 miles wide, and 9-10,000 miles long.

But what about Jon’s eye-popping ten thousand leagues? That’s a real problem. For one thing, that makes the distance between north and south in Westeros greater than the entire circumference of the Earth! But it also doesn’t fit the map as drawn; proportionally, even if the Wall is 300 leagues long, the length of Westeros can’t be more than about 3 –4,000 leagues.
Is the map severely compressed from north to south? I don’t think so. On page 806 of CoK, Theon is told that every man for a thousand leagues is against him (due to his ‘killing’ Bran and Rickon). Using the Wall = 300 leagues and no compression, this would cover from Winterfell to the Wall in the north and the Neck in the south, the approximate area of the Northern kingdom. That seems about right, given the context of the statement. But if the map is not compressed, then we must conclude that Jon is rather grossly exaggerating. Given the other evidence against him, and his situation at the time, this seems more likely to me.

As to the Wall, in order to be consistent with other statements of distance throughout the text, we must either conclude that that section of the map is greatly exaggerated for purposes of visual clarity (in which case an inset map would have been preferable, IMO) or that characters have repeatedly understated its size (except Sam).

In summary, my conclusions regarding the size of Westeros are: it is approximately 1,000 leagues wide and 4,000 leagues long, with a Wall in the north that is 300 leagues long. I conclude that Jon is out of his reckoning when he mentions ten thousand leagues, and that the Wall’s actual length is not properly understood (or else deliberately misrepresented) by the characters referring to it.

This is how I reconcile the inconsistencies concerning distance that I find in ASoIaF. While not entire satisfying (for one thing, it raises other size and climatic issues), it serves. Other solutions could be devised; what’s yours?"

Pues este es el artículo, en resumen, y teniendo en cuenta que los datos son contradictorios en varias ocasiones, este tío establece una longitud de 1000 leguas de ancho por 4000 leguas de largo, con una longitud para El Muro de 300 leguas.

Teniendo en cuenta que el tio Martin fue preguntado por esta distancia, y respondio que "su legua" equivalía 3 Millas, y que una milla actual son aproximadamente 1,6 kilometros, tenemos que:

Ancho de Westeros: 1000 x 3 x 1.6 = 4.800 Km

Largo de Westeros: 4000 x 3 x 1.6 = 19.200 Km

Las distancias son acojonantes!! Y tened en cuenta que se viaja en barco, a patita, a caballo o en carro...yo no digo "ná"
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Johnny StoneHorse


Mensajes : 156
Fecha de inscripción : 06/05/2009

MensajeTema: Re: Poniente/Westeros   Mar Jun 09, 2009 6:57 pm

El Muro: 300 x 3 x 1.6 = 1440 Km

No está nada mal verdad??

Si tenemos en cuenta que la Gran Muralla China tiene unos 7000 Km mas o menos y que recorre la frontera de china...y que Asia es la leche de grande, tenemos un pedazo pared. Ademas, mientras que la Murallita tiene unos 7 metros de altura, el muro cuenta con la escalofriante cifra de 200 metros de altura...ahi es ná.

La verdad, creo que alguien estaba jugando con chuflys cuando diseño la escala de Westeros geek
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